Nudity is a state of vulnerability that we must understand.

Acting in the theater and posing for painters or Jérôme have allowed me to get closer to the challenges of artistic creation. 
Artists are looking for something without knowing exactly what it is, nor how, nor when it might appear.

I am absolutely fascinated by the mystery surrounding all artistic creation.
My work is to make this creation possible.
Artists are sensitive and much more vulnerable than you may think. They need to be understood and encouraged. The same holds true for all the people who support them in their undertakings.
Models are not puppets. There are real partners who are absolutely decisive in the process. They are the ones who first and foremost expose themselves to other people’s eyes. Nudity is a state of vulnerability that we must understand.

Before photo shoots, we always take time to listen to each other. Once trust has been established, the model can get totally involved in our work. Everyone’s real personality comes out, so we have to reinvent new rules each time. But I always try to create a warm, positive environment in which all three of us feel respected and loved. During the sessions, I make sure that the pictures themselves are taken cheerfully and peacefully.

Breathing underlies all movement and guarantees the right gesture.