I take photographs to see!

If photography only consisted in giving shape to what we have already imagined, it would be of no special interest. You have to try to bring out things that are, a priori, unimaginable.

I do the best I can to record everything that makes up the scene. The person being photographed is supported by Cosette, and that lets me fully concentrate on my work as an observer. I take photographs to see!

And yet, I’m not interested in trying to make an absolutely perfect picture. I need to understand what is important in what I see before me and I have to determine what means I could use to clearly restitute that in the new context of the photograph.
I like to use different photographic methods, different techniques and different lighting, but the subject remains a human understanding of the world and not art for art’s sake.

Our photos are absolutely inoffensive and are for everybody. For us to really bring out something new, we have to do everything we can to destroy our limits and to accept to move forward toward the unknown.